About Benidorm


Benidorm is justly called a Spanish New York, thanks to myriads of skyscrapers. It is also known as a Spanish Las Vegas for wallowing in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and multiple other places of entertainment. Present-day Benidorm is a world-known resort area with over 60 thousand residents and hundreds of thousands tourists each year.

Benidorm beach line is probably the most prominent attraction that has been drawing visitors from all corners of the world since 1960s. It takes just 40 minutes to reach the place from the nearby Alicante airport. Monorail tramways, buses as well as taxis are ready to drive all travelers for a moderate price.

Benidorm Sights

Benidorm has been a Spanish cultural hub for a few decades already. Each sight is unique in nature – thus, each visitor cannot but find something peculiar that will strike roots in his/her memory forever.

Sunbathing and book reading is probably one of the most extravagant leisure activities one would think of when relaxing. Libraries (serving millions of books and dozens of newspapers/magazines, including international) can be found at such beaches as Playa de Levante & Playa de Poniente.

The other place of interest that makes the heart soar is Benidorm Palace. This place combines a concert hall with a nightclub and requires a strict dress-code to come in: night gowns for the dames and suits for the gentlemen. Benidorm Palace is a host of various festivals, concerts as well as other events which are able to satisfy the taste of fastidious observers.

Terra Mitica is an amusement park that is of historical interest. Along with fairground attractions, this place features five thematic zones, each dedicated to a particular ancient civilization: ‘Greece’, ‘Egypt’, ‘Rome’, ‘Iberia’ and ‘Mediterranean Islands’.

Benidorm Nightlife

Whilst family people are enjoying sunbathing, diving and other resort boons, youth from all over the globe is heading to Benidorm to plunge into a mind-boggling night entertainment jamboree.

Benidorm is a paradise for party-people, since its headlong nightlife is active 365 days a year. Dozens of clubs attract devotees of modern music and dance entrancement. In summer this resort transforms into a European-based residence of electronic music.

Sports Activities in Benidorm

Being a renowned sea resort, Benidorm offers all restless visitors a plethora of water sports activities. Therefore, each guest might try himself/herself in:

  • jet skiing;
  • aqua-boarding;
  • diving;
  • windsurfing;
  • sailing;

In addition, Benidorm is an ideal place for renting a bicycle to do the sights. There is also a possibility to take up mini-golf. Nearly every street in the town is fitted with dedicated platforms with various degree of complexity. There are onsite renting services where each person can rent the outfit and necessary mini-golf equipment.